How Do Mosquitoes Walk on Water?


We all know that mosquitoes spread diseases. But, have you ever noticed that mosquitoes have an amazing skill?  Yes! they can walk on water!  Now, the question is, how do they walk on water?

Here is the answer:

  • Mosquitoes have flexible legs with three segments namely; Femur, Tibiya and Tarsus. Out of these, the third segment (Tarsus) plays an important role and lets the mosquito walk on the water.
    • Tarsus is covered with scales that can repel water molecules.
    • Tarsus is capable of supporting 20 times heavier load than the weight of the mosquito. It not only supports its own body weight; But, also exerts a lighter force such that, its body weight gives very low pressure on the surface of the water.


  • As tarsus carries major portion of the weight of the mosquito, and exerts very light force on the surface of the water, water’s surface tension helps the mosquito to walk on the water. Therefore, thin film like water’s surface that acts like an elastic, is capable of carrying mosquitoes that weigh lighter.



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