Why are chips packets inflated with gas?

Chips Packets - Rancidity

What is Rancidity? Which Gas is Used to Fill in the Chips Packets?

You would have noticed chips packets filled in with some gas! Have you ever wondered which gas is used to fill in such snacks packets and why? You will find the answer to these questions here:


When fried food items like potato chips are kept in open containers / exposed to air, they get spoilt. The taste and smell of such items change and become inedible. Because, the oil and fats in fried food items like chips react with oxygen present in air and get oxidised. This is called rancidity.

In order to prevent the oxidation of food items, manufacturers fill in the chips packets with Nitrogen gas. This is why, the chips packets look inflated.

Usually, antioxidants (chemical substances) are added to foods containing oil and fats to prevent rancidity. Also, usage of air tight food containers slow down process of oxidation.

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