“Ology” – Study of a Specific Field


We have seen the suffix “ology” with many words related to certain specializations. The term “ology” means “study of a subject” , “a branch of knowledge”. There are many fields in science and medicine that require specialized study so that one can become an expert. Let us learn what some of such specialized studies mean:

AnthropologyThe study of human beings
ArchaeologyThe study of materials or properties belonged to the people who lived in the past
Palaeontology (Paleontology)The study of fossils
GeologyThe study of Earth
OceanologyThe study of oceans. Also called oceanography
MeteorologyThe study of weather
ClimatologyThe study of climate
SeismologyThe study of earthquakes
TechnologyThe study of practical / industrial application of scientific discoveries
BiologyThe study of living things
ZoologyThe study of animal life
MicrobiologyThe study of microorganisms
BacteriologyThe study of bacteria
VirologyThe study of viruses
EntomologyThe study of insects
OrnithologyThe study of birds
EcologyThe study of relationships between the living organisms and their environment
PhysiologyThe study of functions and mechanisms of a living system
CardiologyThe study of the heart
NeurologyThe study of nervous system
OphthalmologyThe study of the eyes
DermatologyThe study of the skin
PsychologyThe study of mind and behavior
PulmonologyThe study of lungs and respiratory system
RadiologyThe study of rays
EndocrinologyThe study of endocrine glands (internal secretory glands)
GastroenterologyThe study of the stomach and intestines
OdontologyThe study of the teeth
OncologyThe study of cancer
OsteologyThe study of bones
ImmunologyThe study of immune systems
HematologyThe study of blood
Histology The study of living tissues
MyologyThe study of muscles
DiabetologyThe study of diabetes
Nephrology The study of kidneys
PathologyThe study of diseases
PharmocologyThe study of drugs
Astrobiology (Exobiology)The study of life outside the Earth
CosmologyThe study of the nature and origin of the universe

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